We are always looking for new players to get involved.

If you are keen to join our club and/or give Gaelic Games a go we have three membership options on offer:

  1. Social Gaelic Football membership
  2. Full annual club membership
  3. Non-player membership

We run a Social Gaelic Football tournament each summer. It usually begins around the end of October/beginning of November and runs until mid-February with a Christmas break in between. Entry fees for playing are $60 per person ($30 per person if you just play half a season). This is a great way to give Gaelic Games a go and to see if you fall in love with our national games (trust us, you will).

Annual club membership is $130 for the year and this covers you for a whole bunch of activities and events throughout the year such as Social Gaelic Football, beach tournaments, winter and summer training fees, entry to the Sevens tournament and New Zealand Championships.

We also offer a $30 non-player membership option for those who wish to be club members, but not active players.

Membership options:

Full-year club membership: $130
Social Gaelic Football-only membership: $60
Non-playing club membership: $30

To pay your membership fees and register for the club, please fill out this Membership and Registration Google form.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch by filling out the form below.