We are delighted to be hosting the Wellington Sevens tournament on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October (Labour weekend) at Te Whiti Park, Lower Hutt. Clubs from Auckland, Hamilton, Taranaki, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown will be descending on the capital for the two-day tournament.

Competitions & fixtures

Saturday’s and Sunday’s results can be found below. You can also download a PDF of the tournament programme.

Layout of pitches at Te Whiti Park

Saturday's Results

TimeCodePitch 1ResultCode Pitch 2ResultCodePitch 3Result
10amWomen's footballMarist Rangers 1 v Wellington/HV0-2 — 0-10
10.30amMen's senior footballWellington/HV v Marist Rangers2-4 — 5-3Women's footballWellington/HV Masters v Marist Rangers3-3 — 1-4
11amWomen's footballKāpiti v Canterbury4-3 — 3-3Men's junior footballQueenstown v Naomh Críostóir1-1 — 10-5
11.30amWomen's footballHarps v Queenstown 12-5 — 4-13Women's footballNaomh Críostóir v Wellington/Hutt Valley5-3 — 6-5HurlingKāpiti Coast v Celtic/Marist9-8 — 4-5
12pmMen's senior footballCeltic v Waimak Gaels11-2 — 4-3Women's footballWellington/HV Masters v Queenstown 20-3 — 1-7CamogieCanterbury 1 v Marist Rangers3-4 — 3-3
12.30pmMen's junior footballWellington/HV v Marist Rangers4-6 — 2-5Women's footballHarps v Kāpiti2-2 — 5-10CamogieCanterbury 1 v Canterbury 24-4 — 4-2
1pmWomen's footballMarist Rangers 2 v Queenstown 10-1 — 3-9HurlingCanterbury 2 v Hutt Valley2-4 — 2-2
1.30pmWomen's footballMarist Rangers 1 v Canterbury2-2 — 4-9Men's senior footballCanterbury v Celtic0-2 — 10-2
2pmWomen's footballNaomh Críostóir v Wellington/HV Masters7-5 — 3-7Men's junior footballWellington/HV v Taranaki5-8 — 1-6CamogieWellington/HV v Marist Rangers4-3 — 1-3
2.30pmMen's junior footballMarist Rangers v Queenstown 7-7 — 0-6Women's footballHarps v Canterbury7-2 — 8-5HurlingCanterbury 1 v Hutt Valley6-9 — 5-1
3pmWomen's footballMarist Rangers 1 v Queenstown 25-5 — 7-2HurlingCanterbury 2 v Celtic/Marist1-2 — 10-8
3.30pmMen's junior footballTaranaki v Naomh Críostóir1-4 —6-4Men's senior footballCanterbury v Wellington/HV0-4 — 3-10CamogieWellington/HV v Canterbury 22-2 — 0-0
4pmWomen's footballWellington/HV v Queenstown 12-1 — 3-6Women's footballNaomh Críostóir v Marist Rangers 28-4 — 1-4
4.30pmMen's senior footballMarist Rangers v Waimak Gaels2-5 — 1-7Women's footballKāpiti v Queenstown 25-5 — 3-8HurlingCanterbury 1 v Kāpiti Coast1-3 — 3-11

Women's football standings

TeamPlayedWinDrawLossScores forScores againstScore differencePoints
Queenstown 133005819+396
Wellington/Hutt Valley32016435+294
Naomh Críostóir32017246+264
Queenstown 232015043+74
Wellington/HV Masters31023143-122
Marist Rangers 230031558-430
Marist Rangers 130033078-480
  • The top four teams on the table at the end of day one qualify for the Cup semi-finals on Sunday
  • Teams who finish fifth to eighth on the table at the end of day one qualify for the Shield semi-finals on Sunday
  • The bottom two teams on the table at the end of day one qualify for the Plate final on Sunday.

Camogie standings

TeamPlayedWinDrawLossScores forScores againstScore differencePoints
Wellington/Hutt Valley2200236+174
Canterbury 122002916+134
Marist Rangers20021828-100
Canterbury 22002424-200
  • All teams move forward to the semi-finals on Sunday.

Men's senior football standings

TeamPlayedWinDrawLossScores forScores againstScore differencePoints
Marist Rangers22002920+94
Wellington/Hutt Valley21012922+72
Waimak Gaels20022546-210
  • The top four teams on the table at the end of day one qualify for the semi-finals on Sunday
  • The team who finishes in fifth position at the end of day one is eliminated.

Men's junior football standings

TeamPlayedWinDrawLossScores forScores againstScore differencePoints
Naomh Críostóir
Wellington/Hutt Valley22004120+214
Marist Rangers21013924+152
Queenstown Gaels20021063-530
  • The teams in fourth and fifth position at the end of day one will play for a semi-final spot on Sunday
  • The semi-finals will be the first-placed team at the end of day one v winners of playoff and second placed v third placed.

Hurling standings

TeamPlayedWinDrawLossScores forScores againstScore differencePoints
Kāpiti Coast22005523+324
Canterbury 121013336-32
Canterbury 221011546-312
Hutt Valley20022437-130
  • The top four teams on the table at the end of day one qualify for the semi-finals on Sunday
  • The team who finishes in fifth position at the end of day one is eliminated.


Sunday's Results

TimeCodePitch 1ResultCodePitch 2ResultCodePitch 3Result
10amMen's junior football playoffTaranaki v Queenstown5-2 — 3-1Hurling semi-finalCeltic/Marist v Canterbury 16-5 — 7-3
10.30amWomen's football Shield semi-final Canterbury v Harps6-6 — 3-1Women's football Shield semi-finalQueenstown 2 v Wellington/HV Masters0-3 — 2-4Hurling semi-finalKāpiti v Canterbury 26-15 — 1-2
11amMen's junior football Cup semi-finalNaomh Críostóir v Taranaki10-7 — 0-2Men's junior football Cup semi-finalWellington/Hutt Valley v Marist5-8 — 1-3Camogie semi-final Wellington/Hutt Valley v Canterbury 22-11 — 1-0
11.30amWomen's football Cup semi-finalQueenstown 1 v Naomh Críostóir2-4 — 5-3Women's football Cup semi-finalKāpiti v Wellington/Hutt Valley1-3 — 4-5
12pmMen’s senior football semi-finalCeltic v Waimak Gaels4-2 — 1-6Men's senior football semi-finalMarist Rangers v Wellington/Hutt Valley3-6 — 0-5Camogie semi-final Marist Rangers v Canterbury 10-3 — 8-7
1pmWomen's football Plate finalMarist Rangers 1 v Marist Rangers 23-7 — 1-4Women's football Shield finalCanterbury v Wellington/HV Masters2-7 — 2-1
1.30pmMen's junior football Cup finalNaomh Críostóir v Wellington/Hutt Valley1-5 — 1-7
2pmMen's senior footballCeltic v Marist Rangers3-5 — 5-6Camogie finalWellington/Hutt Valley v Canterbury 15-6 — 0-2
2.30pmHurling finalCanterbury 1 v Kāpiti1-2 — 5-13
3pmWomen's football Cup finalNaomh Críostóir v Wellington/Hutt Valley2-3 — 6-7

Tournament rules

Download a PDF of the tournament rules.

Kids Gaelic Games

An exhibition game will be played on Sunday to showcase the up-and-coming talent on the New Zealand Gaelic games scene. If anybody in your club is travelling with young children, they are welcome to join in. The kids goalposts will be set up all weekend if any aspiring players are keen to try their hand at Gaelic football and hurling.

The venue

Te Whiti Park is located in Lower Hutt and it’s a 20-minute drive from Wellington CBD, and a 30-minute drive from Wellington Airport. An Uber is approximately $30-$50, depending on where you’re leaving from. There are also some public transport options, but it does involve multiple stops.


There are changing rooms and toilets on-site which will be available for everyone. There will also be marquees to provide shelter from the sun/rain.

Food & drink

There are clubrooms at Te Whiti Park, but we only have access to the building on the Saturday. The bar will be open from 12-5pm on Saturday.

A catering van will be on-site and they’ll be serving snack-type food and coffees. There are a number of food options close by, including a Subway, a café and a BP station.


Our dedicated team of tournament organisers will be available at the information desk throughout the weekend. They’ll be keeping fixtures running on track, recording scores and generally ensuring everything is running smoothly. If you have any queries over the weekend, just come and say hello and we’ll do our best to help out.



Hutt Valley Irish Society will be opening their clubrooms to all players once the games wrap up on day one. The clubrooms are only a 10-minute drive from Te Whiti Park. They’ll have the BBQ going and the bar will be open. We encourage all players to pop in for an hour or two after the games and take advantage of their fantastic hospitality.


D4 on Allen is the venue for the afters on Sunday night. The bar is located in the heart of Courtenay Place and their doors will be open from 7pm. Drink offers will be available on the night and there will be a DJ pumping the tunes until the early hours.


We are currently in COVID-19 Alert Level 1 so we will have QR codes and a sign-in sheet on-site. We encourage everyone to use the NZ COVID Tracer app or sign in. Hand sanitiser will also be available.