It was an early start on Saturday with a few heavy heads from the nights before team dinners but all the teams where out in full force after a Berocca or hair of the dog. The morning came to a start with Father Managn & The Alter Servers vs Whelan n Dealin’. A tight fought game eventually came to a close with Father Managns taking the win a place in the final.

In the other senior semi final game Kapiti Coast Keas faced on the Wednesday Club, after a solid back and forth the Keas won out.

The Senior final saw Father Managn Vs the Kapiti Coast Keas. A hard fought match concluded with the top of the leagues team keeping their number one seat and winning the day.

In the Junior matches, Eiretearoa GAA Vs the Trenbolone Sandwhiches in a tight table of evenly matched teams, Trenbolone Sandwiches fought hard for the win to get into the Junior league final.

The last of the Junior semi-finals saw a face off between The Iggheads and Mayo 4 Sam with Mayo 4 Sam taking the win in great fashion.

In the final of the Junior Teams after a great match the winner was TrenboloneĀ  Sandwhiches. Fantastic games throughout the day and a big thank you to both the players and those who supported on the sidelines.

Later that night all the teams celebrated in D4 Allen Street, a celebration for the winners of the day but alway a fond farewell to two very important members of Wellington GAA, Badger and Ciara. We wish them safe travels and best of luck in their next adventure!

Also a big thank you to Deirdre for the great pics.