Wellington & Hutt Valley GFHA was established in 1975 and our mission was to become New Zealand’s leading Irish cultural and sporting body which is why we are extremely proud to be associated with the first annual NZ Irish Fest in New Zealand.

During the NZ Irish Fest, we are very excited to be hosting a Gaelic Football invitational game featuring Wellington Mayor Justin Lester and ex-All Whites and Wellington Phoenix FC player Ben Sigmund. We will also be hosting a Ladies Gaelic Football game and Hurling game which will showcase the breadth of talent we have in our wee club.

For those who have never seen Gaelic football – you’re in for a treat. The best way I describe it to Kiwis is – basketball, with some rugby and soccer thrown in! That certainly conjures up a funny image but shows that it can attract people from a variety of sporting backgrounds.
Then we have hurling which is often described as the fastest grass sport in the world and after watching it for 30 seconds, it’s hard to argue with that point!
Ladies Gaelic Football which is similar to Men’s Gaelic Football is recognised as one of the fastest growing female sports in Europe and last year, the All-Ireland ladies football final broke records to become the highest attended women’s sport final in the world that year!

Saturday 17th November is going to be a special day as 45+ Wellington & Hutt Valley GFHA club members – male and female will be lining out to play Gaelic Games.
Our inclusive club attracts members from all over the globe including Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand (of course) and all across Europe which is a testament to our ethos and shows the impact this club has on not only the Irish diaspora but for those who have decided to embrace our Gaelic Games.

We look forward to seeing you come out and celebrate with us on Saturday 17th November at Ian Galloway Park.

11am – Gaelic Football Invitation Game
12.15pm- Ladies Gaelic Football Game
1pm – Hurling Game