The New Zealand Championship will be held at Te Whiti Park in Lower Hutt on 24 and 25 March.

Many have put there names forward to play which is fantastic, the team listings have been released also so checkout the team listing on your whatsapp group or get in touch to request access.

For those that require a lift to the match arrangements have been made for those driving with free spaces to meet at New World carpark beside Oriental Bay/ just off Allen Street at 8:45am. If possible, drop a message in the group chat to ensure that there will be enough cars for those that require lifts.

Timetables have also been released and can be found below.


Game Duration:

  • Mens & Ladies Senior Group & Semi Final Games are 20 minutes per half
  • Men, Ladies & Hurling Final Games are 25 minutes per half
  • All Junior Football and Camogie Games are 15 minutes per half


Playing Rules:

  • Standard Rules apply with the following exceptions
  • Senior Men’s & Ladies Games are 13-aside
  • Junior Men’s Games are 9-aside
  • Men’s Junior played in 2-Mini Groups where you play teams in the opposite Group in the Round Robin on Saturday.
  • Camogie &  Hurling numbers to be decided on the day
  • Mouthguards to be worn in all Football games (No Mouthguard = No Play)
  • In Men’s Football the Mark will NOT be in use.
  • Be kind to the Referees – They’re people too 🙂