Our rescheduled annual general meeting will take place on Tuesday 22 June at 6.15pm in Whistling Sisters on Taranaki St. We encourage all current members and anyone wishing to join the club to attend.

We’ll be discussing the year gone, our plans for the coming year, and we’re also looking to fill some positions on the committee. You can find you a full list of committee roles below. If you’re interested in getting involved, send a message to president@wellingtongaa.com.


Wellington/Hutt Valley GFHA committee roles

President- Presiding over meetings
- Leading the club to constant achievement
- Monitoring the club's goals and ensuring they that they are in the club's best interest
- Fostering a positive attitude, enthusiasm and openness in the club.
Vice President- Presiding over meetings in the absence of the President
- Advising the President in the best interests of the club
- Assisting key committee members in their tasks
- Being a source of knowledge in the club.
Secretary- Chief administration officer for the club
- Having full knowledge of the whats, wheres, whens and whos of the club
- Organising all meetings and logging all decisions
- Organising nominations, voting and reports for AGMs.
Treasurer- Monitoring all spending
- Advising the committee of monthly spending
- Having a good relationship with club sponsors
- Being a key committee member by using financial experience in advising the committee in club decisions.
Public Relations Officer- Promoting the club and its games/events through social media and the website
- Writing and developing content for the club's monthly newsletter
- Continually seeking sponsorship opportunities and engaging with current sponsors
- Responding to new player/members queries
Vice Secretary- Registering all players in the club, taking the details of the new players and passing them on to the PRO and coaches.
- Being responsible for fees, subs and payment details from players
- Organising all travel and booking duties for tournaments.
Events Manager- Being responsible for all social events
- Keeping the PRO up to date on events
- Keeping the club event calendar full
- Managing and/or advising on each fundraiser
- Organising sub committees for each event.
Tournament Manager- Organising all intercity tournaments, socials and beach tournament
- Hosting other clubs to come to Wellington
- Organising sub committees for each tournament.
Australasian Vice President- Engaging with the Australasian Committee.
Development Officer- Being the first senior person that a new player meets
- Pointing out the respective coach, team, captain or senior that the player needs to know.
- Being an approachable senior member to assist all players and newbies.
- Co-ordinating skills session for socials and being actively involved in the organisation of socials season.